Small Animal

Gas Anesthesia

We provide the safest anesthetic protocol during our surgical procedures. We highly recommend pre –anesthetic blood work to ensure your pet is healthy for surgery.

Laser Therapy

The Lena Vet Clinic offers laser therapy as a pain free treatment option for our patients. Laser therapy is commonly used on patients with arthritis to decrease pain and increase mobility, or to accelerate healing in patients with swelling, ear hematomas, fractured/broken bones, wounds, chronic ear infections, surgical incisions and much more. Laser therapy is painless to the patients; in fact most of them relax and enjoy their therapy session!

Digital Radiography

Our digital x-ray provides us with immediate results to help us better evaluate and treat our patients.

Preventative Care Medicine 

We recommend an annual exam with routine vaccinations for all our patients at least once a year to help us better evaluate the health of your pet and diagnose potential health concerns as early as possible.


Dental cleanings are a very important part of your pet's routine healthcare and keeping up with their oral health may help avoid or eliminate other secondary issues including bad breath, difficulty eating or loss of appetite, gingivitis, poor heart health, sepsis, liver abscess, or bone infections. Our dental services include ultrasonic cleaning, polishing, fluoride treatment, and tooth extraction when necessary.

In-house Blood Machines

One of the most important tools for diagnosis of a sick pet is our blood laboratory. Our in-house blood work provides our clients peace of mind with quick results during your visit. We also recommend blood work for our pre-surgical or geriatric patients.


Our veterinarians offer routine surgery, such as spay/neuter, as well as more extensive or emergency surgeries such as a foreign body removal, cesareans, and twisted stomach (GDV).

Full Pharmacy

We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, flea and tick products, and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of Hill's prescription diets.  In cases when we don't offer a product needed for your pet, our online pharmacy is available with shipping to your home.

Internal Medicine Consults

We will provide referrals to internal medicine specialists if specialty care is needed for your pet.

Microchip Placement

Here at Lena Vet Clinic, we strongly believe in the use of microchips as a safe and effective way to help return lost pets to their owners. Microchipping can be done at any routine visit.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive way for us to better understand or identify your pet's medical condition. We also offer ultrasound for pregnancy, depending on gestational stage.

Dietary Counseling

Nutrition is essential part of your pet's overall health! Obesity in pets is one of the most common health problems we see and often leads to other health concerns. We are happy to provide you with more information to help you choose an ideal diet for your beloved companion.

Emergency Care

We provide 24 hour emergency care for your pet.

On-site Crematorium

We offer our clients the option to cremate their beloved pet when the time comes and return them to you as soon as possible, if you choose. Our private cremation service also includes a clay paw keepsake if requested.

House Calls

Our veterinarians understand that not everyone is physically able to bring their pets to us in their time of need. Please understand that the best option for diagnosis and treatment of your pet is offered when our veterinarian has all the resources at the clinic available. House calls may be provided on a case by case basis.

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